Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Pinoy Celebrities na Tinalikuran ang Career Para sa Tahimik na Buhay Abroad

The Philippine showbiz industry is a lucrative career, but it doesn't last forever. One day, the spotlight might be on you, but the next day, a new star can quickly take your place. Because of this, many celebrities have chosen to turn their back to their career for a more peaceful life. Some of them went on to pursue other aspirations, while others chose to live abroad.

Today, let's take a look at the Pinoy celebrities who left the spotlight to live and work abroad. Check them out below:

1. BB Gandanghari

BB Gandanghari used to be an iconic action star in Philippine showbiz. Years after finally revealing his real identity, BB chose to live in the United States. She now makes a decent living as a model and a star in Hollywood. You go, girl!

2. January Isaac

Do you still remember Lumen? She used to be a familiar figure in Philippine commercials. January is most particularly known for her Surf commercials. Now, she is happily married and is living in the United States with her husband and son.

3. Serena Dalrymple

Serena is one of the most talented child stars in the early '90s. But in the mid-2000s, her fans were saddened when Serena suddenly left the spotlight. She has now found her better calling by working as a manager in an American multinational media company.

4. Carol Banawa

Even though Carol Banawa is no longer making hit songs, she is still making a huge difference in the world. The talented singer now works as a resident nurse in Washington D.C. In fact, Carol is one of the brave frontliners who are fighting against COVID-19 in the U.S.

5. Jewel Mische

This former "Starstruck" alumna is one of the prettiest faces in showbiz back in the days. But eventually, Jewel dropped out of the spotlight and decided to lead a more peaceful and private life. She is not happily married to Alister Kurzer, and they are currently living in America.

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