Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Lolong Magpapadala ng Pera sa Pamilya, Napagkamalang Pulubi sa Pawnshop

As the old saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover. Most of the time, we are so caught up with our own prejudice that we lose our humanity. Some people easily judge others because of their clothing or physical appearance, without even considering the situation or back story of the person they are judging.

This is exactly what happened to this elderly man. Imagine just hanging out in the pawnshop to send money, only to be mistaken as a beggar! Earlier this week, this elderly man became a trending topic on Facebook. According to the witnesses, the old man was just hanging around in a pawnshop.

Even though there were benches around, he chose to stand up. While waiting for the customers to get done, he was just standing in the corner minding his own business. However, it seems like some customers were uncomfortable with his presence in the pawnshop.

As seen on the viral photos, the old man was wearing dirty and tattered clothes. Due to his unkempt appearance, many customers grew wary of the old man. They mistook him for a beggar and some evens tarted watching him warily, thinking that he might beg for alms.

However, they were soon proved wrong. It turns out that the old man, whom they mistaken for a beggar, is just another paying customer like them! According to the witness, the old man went to the pawnshop to remit money to his kids back home.

"This man is standing in certain money sending establishment in the Philippines and was initially thought a beggar by others because of his appearance. To their surprise, the old guy with appalling clothes was waiting for his turn to get his receipt from the counter."

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