Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Naudlot ang kasal ng makita ng groom na matanda pala ang kanyang bride!

Thanks to the internet, finding a lover has never been easier. However, there are downsides in online dating. This unlucky man from Indonesia thought he was marrying a beautiful girl, but he was shocked after she revealed her true identity!

For more than a year, an Indonesian man named Yusuf was involved in a long-distance relationship with a beautiful girl. Yusuf is working in South Korea, while his girlfriend is situated in Taiwan. In spite of their distance, their relationship prospered.

Yusuf couldn’t believe his luck that a beautiful woman has fallen in love with him. The girl often sends him selfies on Facebook. However, whenever they are video chatting, the girl hides her face in her hijab.

This should’ve been a red flag, but Yusuf was blinded by his love. Soon enough, the two agreed to marry. To support his bride-to-be, Yusuf sent money for her monthly expenses and preparations for the wedding. Yusuf had no idea that he will soon be facing the biggest plot twist in his life.

During the wedding day, Yusuf insisted the bride to take off her veil. Much to his dismay, Yusuf found out that she is already an old grandma! What’s more shocking, she was pretending to be someone else by taking others’ photos on social media.

As you may well expect, the wedding was halted. Yusuf cannot believe that his long-distance girlfriend turned out to be a grandma, who was only ‘catfishing’ him for money. In the end, we hope Yusuf finds the girl he truly deserves.

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